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Thursday, July 23, 2009


It is yet again reminded to us earthlings of the wonders of creation when yesterday the moon, the sun and the earth went parallel to each other. We then witnessed the so called SOLAR ECLIPSE. And with it we remember primarily He who created them.

It is unfortunate that Philippines isn’t one of the lucky ones to see the TOTAL eclipse, instead just a partial one. In fact, I don’t remember seeing one in all my 33 years in this world. Have you? I wonder how strange it feels for daylight transform to darkness in a matter of minutes. It feels eerie thinking of seeing it personally…though for sure I would feel God’s love in witnessing such. Imagine Him creating the vast universe and seeing just a few of that creation THAT far, meaning WE’RE THAT SMALL!!!

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2 remarks:

theBluesman said...

"we are really that small...", that's a good reminder as we sometimes forget about it in our daily lives.

theBluesman said...

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