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Friday, June 5, 2009

HEART OF A WARRIOR by Johanna Lindsey

Sissy and I both love reading paperbacks/pocketbooks/novels. Each one buys one book after the other. And this one book she bought have been in the shelf for years already, but surprisingly, I still wasn’t able to read it yet until a few days ago.
If I remember right, I started to before, but then again I didn’t find it too interesting so decided to stack it for the meantime instead and start another...and totally have forgotten about it.

When I don’t have a new book at hand, I just grab from our stock of old ones. And so restarted with this fiction. My interest peaked only after I’ve gone through a couple of chapters, maybe due to the setting being from another planet. I’m not much into this sort of thing, but I should say, the author’s imagination is wide enough to come up with ideas of another world. A warrior from there, Dalden, was characterized as someone with qualities as humanly as the earthling Brittany, though on the barbaric ages. Their romantic link was made possible though out of this world interpretation. Something they call “lifemate”…in our terms can be “soulmate”, but even more intense to the point of not letting go.
The story ended nicely, and I can even give it a rate of 6 out of 10 (10 being the highest). Not something I would choose to read again though.

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