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Friday, June 5, 2009


I myself have been monitoring my weight since I gave birth almost 4 years ago. And being a full time home-based mom now, I’m really very close to temptation of overeating. I’m the one doing the cooking, and so have to taste the meal being cooked all the time. I also am the one feeding my li’l girl, and any left-over from her plate, I consume as well, though I just finished mine, resulting to…again, overeating. Plus the fact that before I got pregnant, I have a really fast paced life working in a hospital, the sudden lack of physical activity also were a big factor to my weight gain. My metabolism probably slowed down as well.

My weight was constantly 45 kilos before, but I’ve been keeping track of my weight gain after the one year recovery period of having my first born. It went up to 52 kilos, a shocking 15 pounds, until I decided to be a little strict with my daily intake and counted calories. Being a rice eater, I’m usually carbo-loading…and so tried to cut out on my rice.

Good thing about me is that I am aware of my drawback…and the reasons for it. And once I start with the dieting routine, I get motivated and reach my desired weight in no time. Though there were really times that I can’t help eating a little more or a little more often, especially the time of my monthly flux.

What’s important is that I know what’s the greatest culprit to my weight gains…
overeating! And with that knowledge, it can be prevented to get out of hand.

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