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Monday, May 25, 2009


I’ve always loved the X-Men movies, and seeing Wolverine ranking 2nd only in another Site, I have to see this right away. Star Trek never had an appeal, and it being the 1st gave me another reason to see for myself what’s NOT to love in Wolverine.

Got myself a pirated DVD last week, the fastest way for me to watch it, than to save and wait for the original copy to come out. Movie theater’s not the most practical of ways these days in the Philippines, as well.

Then…I therefore conclude that Hugh Jackman’s still one of the sexiest man alive for me, and he still is a very good actor…BUT the story itself was a little less outstanding than the previous X-Men series. Actually, it may be ranked last amongst the others. Even the romantic involvement of Wolverine is not the greatest. Austere…lacks spark. The best part for me is when the experiment done to him was presented. It reveals the reason for the metallic weapon materializing from inside of him. That very part brought out the emotion that I was waiting for.

Though my brother fell asleep while watching, due to boredom according to him, I say…it still is good, and that the rating they gave it is appropriate.

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