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Saturday, May 23, 2009


I often do so. A dead gramps, uncle, long-ago greatgrans.... If others believe it to be ghosts or souls asking for prayers, I believe them to either be an unconscious reminiscing of the loved one, or a test to our faith.

Is it not true that there were times that we remember them from things we see that was connected with them? Like when I get a whiff of the menthol liniment White Flower which my uncle used to carry around all the time, almost like a personal scent or perfume, I connect that smell to him. And that may be the one that triggers a memory resulting to dreams of him. A granny that likes this certain flower brings about another bout of recollection that sets off a reason for another dream.

I’m not sure, but it may be that there in the innermost recess of our brains, there stored are memories of them that may be interchanging with our visual memories of recent. That it is but normal for sensitive and sentimental individuals to draw out images of loved ones we miss deep inside. We may not always dream of them right away…sometimes a week after or more. There were even times that we were not able to associate the image, the scent, what we heard, of what happened (or whatever that is that links back to them) instantaneously. We have to admit, most often, we associate whatever transpires in our lives to people we know. Moreso, to those who are close to our hearts, like friends and loved ones. Though there were times that we dream of people we don’t even know…and this may be another stored memory of someone we may have passed by somewhere and unconsciously have put in the back of our mind. Not impossible, right?

Another rationale I can contemplate is the devil’s way of tempting and testing our faith. That with false beliefs it will lead us to darkness…and into his waiting arms. This part, I will try to discuss more on my upcoming blog, AS MY DAY ENDS. Hope to see you there, too!

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