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Friday, May 15, 2009


We have heard of committed men’s most common retort, “we’re not even married yet!”

It can be when they FEEL that they are being “overly” constrained with their drinking sessions with their buddies, “we’re not even married yet and you’re putting me into leash?” Or when they were caught making out with another other than their fiance’s, “She don’t own me…I can do whatever I want. We’re not even married yet!”

I’m not saying “ALL” men…but I hear them from my male friends and friends of friends. And it makes me wonder…what’s the commitment for anyway? And their reason for going into a steady relationship?

Isn’t it to build a foundation for the impending lifelong commitment…marriage? And with them doing such selfless acts, will it be wise for their partner to risk being tied to them not knowing if by that time they will be done with this “freedom”? Will they themselves get fed up with the bachelorhood? Or will they carry-on with the “habit forming” attitude after the honeymoon? Especially the night-outs, and the girls…I heard it’s quite addictive.

Infact in this century, marital problems related to such predicament are getting very common…which leads to separation, divorce or annulment. There were different factors that can point to either men or women…but it seems that a greater percentage can be blamed to independence, and moreso to opposition to that “freedom”. I believ this can be translated to lack in commitment and selfishness.

So next time you hear this “we’re not even married yet” from your fiancé…trust that it’s yet a long way to go before the apple is ready for picking!!!

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