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Thursday, April 30, 2009


The social network, Tagged gained me friends of different race…but mostly men. Of course, they’re the ones interested to talk.

It’s interesting to know of their cultures and their varying interests. I’ve always hungered for new learnings…especially about people. Their joy becomes my joy…and I use their eyes to see places I cannot personally see. I travel the world through their words.

My favorite “unusual” friend is a pure Canadian living in Burnaby. Scott loves diving, and with my fear for deep sea exploration, I’ve seen creatures of different kinds, and felt the excitement through his stories. He’s so nice and warm, and Filipino-like when it comes to manners. I feel at ease chatting with him. He even sent me some photos...and kept me updated of his activities.

He intended to leave the bone chilling winter of Canada when we last gotten the chance to give an account of our whereabouts, and enjoy the summer fun in a tropical country. He’s been asking me about our beaches here…but his present shift at work changed from the usual graveyard shift to early morning shifts. Our time difference suddenly spoiled our almost daily chats, and so it’s been weeks since we last had contact.

I miss the conversations…but then again, I can live without it.

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