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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I love going out early in the morning. When the sun's yet to start its morning peek in the horizon. The blue sky with streaks of deep orange sunrise. The cool morning breeze. The low buzz of peace still echoing...fading as the birds wake-up in time with the neighborhood showers and clutters.

Early today, I started my 2-hour journey to the business center, looking around those people that travel along with me. It always fascinate me how each one have their own live to live. Each one have their own concerns, their own problems, their own happiness. All so different from one another, just as it was with how each of us looking different from one another. Like the man beside me looking stressed, with his crumpled clothes and unruly hair. Maybe he's on his way to a tiring job as a carpenter. Or maybe he just came from a home with a nagging wife and troubled kids. Or maybe he just didn't sleep too well. Another is an offive girl sitting infront of me who never ceased with her texting since she boarded the bus. Maybe she's sending a message to a wokaholic boss or a worried boyfriend. Then there's a mother on my left craddling her toddler. What could she be thinking then? Or all those 20 other passengers riding the same bus. Will there be another, like me, who is thinking the same line of thought?

As the bus sped along the coastal road, my gaze sought the glimmering bay on my right; and the line of trees on my left. My mind wandered to the one who made all these. How He cleaverly designed each one to have varied life. Then again, I can't thank Him enough for mine!

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