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Monday, February 28, 2011


WATCH AND LISTEN before you think of moving on. She may not be known worldwide yet, but she is worth being known as much. This lady started from way below...but reached the top. Angeline Quinto, ever first winner of the Star Power raged the country far and wide with her magnificently astonishing voice. See two of my favorites of her renditions...

FIRST (Don't Cry Out Loud) when she was still beginning in her ladder to stardom. Still looking so young, fragile and unsure of herself backstage but with unbreakable voice onstage...

...and SECOND (What Kind of Fool Am I) when she proved yet again that she rightly deserve being declared the winner and be broad casted to the world. She gave me goosebumps, she made me cry each time I listen tothis...and she even broke the speaker with that remarkably high notes. If only there will be a repeat performance of this just so everybody can hear it as it should be. She deserved to be the next to be featured in Ellen Degeneres and Oprah shows. TO SEE AND HEAR TO BELIEVE...SO GO ON, WATCH AND LISTEN!!!

AGREE WITH ME THAT SHE HAVE AN UNUSUAL VOICE! She have what it takes to be a star, she is passionate enough to be able to lose all those pounds and have the look stars must possess in just a few weeks, she is humble from the very start to present, she have grown and is continuously learning. She will be an inspiration to the music industry, she belongs to be in the music industry.

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6 remarks:

diaper days said...

I heard how she sung, and I agreed to the judges to selected her as a winner, she have a briliant voice :)..

dondi045 said...

She is really good! Thanks for featuring her at Music Monday.

Star-chuu said...

You are right Jenie, she is a remarkable good singer. Hope she would be able to reach her dreams. I wish her best. She sings great!!

Namz said...

Indeed she is :)

Happy MM!

Namz recent post Beer Anyone?

lina@home sweet home said...

It's a pity that my connection is too slow to hear her voice.

Jenie, I've added your link in Blog Roll :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

magaling siya..pero malakas ang tsansa na ang manalo si rico the magician..

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