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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Are you a nature person as I am? Then I guarantee that you will have fun as I will in having Hoseasons log cabins. It is a dream come true to be able to wake up in the morning with the sound of nature surrounding you or even to smell the heady scent of the earth all day. And best of all, to see the wonders of creation and have fun with it all through out your vacation.

Just the thought of walking through the countryside at early dawn gives me the excitement I have always felt in anticipation of such an outing. How can anyone miss the thrills of being outside? There are varied ideas of fun for an individual, a couple, a family or a group of friends. Some prefers lounging by the pool but some opts more to being in the water kayaking or surfing. Some would go trekking or some mountain climbing. But most of us definitely would love to be in this dream of having fun outside...though with differing plans of making it worthwhile.

2 remarks:

kimmy said...

not much of the hiker type, but i do love the outdoors..

JENIE=) said...

@ kim ~ i simply love being reminded that everything were created for us ;)

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