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Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have been told by most visitor friends from other countries that our Philippine Malls are truly commendable. Personally, I find it highly delightful to shop in our malls...and I am truly glad that I have the access to these malls anytime I want to.

The best place for me is the interconnecting malls in Makati. The Greenbelt, The Glorietta, The Landmark and The Shoe Mart Makati Area is where I frequent. They have ranging prices, both for those seeking branded items to low cost for the masses. Not only will you be enjoying the spirit of shopping mingling with the people coming from the high end society, the office girls and boys, the foreigners, or simply those people you would rather be facing up front; but you will also be loving the ambiance, the structures and everything surrounding you. Imagine being in 4 malls in one area.

But there also is the popular Mall of Asia that is amongst the top 10 malls in the Philippines. The location being by the bay is by far the top most reason why it is sought for. The view especially during sunset is amazing. The area is quite large that one cannot actually go from one end to another without taking a break. By night time it is mostly full near the back with all the restaurants, may be termed as the "gimmick spot".

Worth mentioning are the malls that also are amongst the top 10 malls: SM MegaMall, Trinoma, Edsa Shangri-La, Robinson's Galleria, Gateway. And though not included therein, and I wonder why not maybe my source of the top 10is not the latest, are the malls in Global City, the malls in Alabang the Town Center and Festival Mall.

There are no better way to know how right am I than for you to personally see them. Come visit the Malls in the Philippines if you are really fond of shopping. And as my tourist friends say...they are way cheaper than those in the west though almost of the same kind. What can you say about this co-Filipino shoppers?

3 remarks:

kim said...

i don't particularly like malls, but since i work in one of the SM branches, got no choice but to like it, lol! seriously, it's kind of fun..

theBluesman said...

I love shopping too but now it's just window shopping only as i've intentionally been leaving my credit cards at home whenever i go out to the shopping malls, WHY? the items on sale are getting more attractive. And so what do i normally do at the malls, just have a good cup of hot coffee at one corner and watch how the other shoppers waste their well earned money!

JENIE=) said...

@ kim ~ i used to work at a mall too...the office took up the whole top floor ;)

@ hans ~ yeah, i am trying not to purchase anything as well with my credit card and not carry a lot of cash haha.

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