Monday, October 11, 2010


"A material, a material...a material WORLD" I really have to sing Madonna's popular Material Girl?

It is too much of an embarrassment to be after material things, to be concerned with such, to be bothered with it...BUT THEN WE CAN ALL HONESTLY SAY THAT LIFE IS NOT GETTING EASIER TO LIVE. In fact it seems that no matter who we give authority to rule our country, or no matter how industrious you are it can be termed a CANCER OF THE WORLD. There simply is no cure to the financial problems we see everywhere. But we need finances to live, right?!

The world over is witnessing the immense destruction man created...the natural disasters due to pollution that started with the illegal loggings, dynamite fishings, technological advancement and the like; the worrisome famine that is affecting our co-creations just because the others are getting more and more greedy to have everything to ones own advantage; that no matter what angle you look, the blame has to be pointed back to man. And who suffers? Man still!

Today we don't see everyone in grave danger of dying of hunger, we see only the poor. But how long will it last? Soon...each and everyone of us will be amongst the unfortunate creations that should have been the most fortunate for being given the chance to live above any other creation. We will be like anybody or anything else...NOTHING!

What we are seeing and experiencing today is just a prick of how it would be...

...and honestly this world concern is getting to be bothersome. I pity, I fear, but I hope that the life after will not be worse than it already is FOR EVERYBODY.

***FORGIVE ME...i just have this sudden need to say these out loud.

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