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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ever been duped with warnings or alerts of virus infections? Trojans and the like?

Yesterday, I was comfortably blogging when i suddenly got a pop out window that displays "valid looking" warning from my computer that I HAVE INFECTIONS. I thought it was an alert/warning from my anti-virus with suggestions that I remove it right away by clicking the button.

I tell you, it looks very real. It also made my heart leap with the flashing infections that my need to remove it got ahead of my should-be careful analysis of the matter. I clicked it and it downloaded. As it does, my sanity returned and suddenly aborted. TOO LATE...I downloaded a pest. It removed my anti-virus and was in the system, visibly and invisibly. That no matter how much you delete them, it keep coming back. The SECURITY MASTER AV took almost half of my day today to get rid of it.

After it got into my system, pop-up's of scary FAKE warnings continuously annoyed me. Like identity theft, or spread of the trojan virus, etc. And when I say FAKE it is really fake. I browsed through the net and tried to read about this Security Master AV and God Bless this site,, to have given me the step-by-step guide to uninstall this pest.

So, remember this and learn from it. STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK A BUTTON.

6 remarks:

theBluesman said...

thanks for the advice

Renz said...

I also received this virus and I panic so I click the download and after maybe 2 seconds I realized that It's fake so I aborted it right away. Luckily my pc is not harmed

Llama's Journal said...

Thank you for the warning..=))

DeejSpeaks said...

Whoa! This is threatening.. Thanks for telling us about the said virus..

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

thanks for this article friend :) now, i know what to do if ever i encounter the same :)

miss visiting in this site, jenie..sorry ha?..just been very busy lately, ee

Kids Learn @ Kiboom Daily said...

Yes, I have had pop up windows, and warnings, and have even bought software like this! NEVER AGAIN!!

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