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Monday, May 31, 2010


"My Gmail Account have been accessed!!!"

2-3 weeks ago I received an alert in my inbox that my account has been accessed from the United States. I'm definite that it was not me since I am all the way here in Asia. It increased my heart beat and had been frantic with worry as to the possible harm it did.

Immediate action? I changed my passwords. All of them! I just don't know if I have to do that every so often. Maybe every month? Every week? Or everyday? Sigh! These hackers are really pain in the ...!

I am then here posting this for you to be reminded to be very careful as well with your passwords. If you can have them changed all the time, and if it is also possible that you have a different password for each account. JUST NOTE THEM DOWN in a safe place so as not to forget them.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS MORNING I got agitated again when I received a mail, from google it says, that since my account has been compromised (blah, blah) they are asking for my password and other contact information. You can't blame me for raising my eyebrows after what just happened, right? I simply have to ask google first before doing just that.

...but does google really ask for info's like that??? Have you had any similar experience? What did you do? What advice can you give me about this?

2 remarks:

Cacai M. said...

Ooh my.. I hope this will be resolved very soon sis Jen.. you can also read Google's Terms and conditions and other stuffs or babala related to this. I remember I had an experience and even write a post about this, here:

You can take a look in there sis should you like to do so regarding my opinion.. muahhh!

Risma Hutabarat said...

I have receive this kind of email a few months ago, Jen (from Yahoo). They asked me to provide some information such as Full Name, Address, Job and Password. I just delete that email right away.

You know what, I don't really care if that was the real email from Yahoo anyway. I think I already provide every information they asked me to at the first time I make that account. So there's noway they're going to need that information again. If they do, I simply change my account into a new one. But, the point is I would never voluntarily provide my information in any occasion. That's all.

In this case, you did the right thing by changing your password. Because Google itself will make that password encrypted so that they can't find out what your password characters exactly.

Just ignore that spam email :)

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