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Monday, May 24, 2010


Not my wedding, but my best friend Mimi's wedding! She finally is settling down and we've been busy planning, preparing and making sure everything is in order. It simply have to be PERFECT! And since she's in Canada and will be home come November for her December exchanging of vows, everything's left in my, her sister and other friends' care.

So far, everything's according to plan. Right now though we are deciding on the gown style for the sponsors. Of course I am particularly interested in MY gown. I want it simple yet elegant. We agreed on making it empire cut and is coming up with the latest style that will go with he bride and grooms wish of dual-color motif, their favorites hot pink and aqua blue.

I have ideas of gowns and I wish I can draw. But since my drawings end up looking like a grade-schooler's draft, I'd rather get photos that have similar parts and parcel of the gown I have in mind.

I only hope what I have in mind fits the body that I have and not that of a model.

Wish you can help me in forming a gown from differing ideas:
1. short but classy
2. tube but with detachable strap or sleeves (to have a whole new look during reception)
3. have to have a belt or a ribbon for the second color
4. a cut to match my petite size
5. to hide a little imperfection in my middle (baby fat?! hahaha!)

...even the kind of cloth I am not very familiar with...i need it soft and flowing. I don't like the usual shimmering ones that looks common. I am also considering a wrap.

I have in mind something like this...

2 remarks:

Dorothy L said...

I agree with your choice in wedding gowns. I personally like long, simple yet classy. That dress looks stunning~

A Match Made in Heaven said...

hi jenie, visiting... wedding preparations.i love wedding preps..we had a wedding website a year ago, i miss wedding planning.. i really have no idea on wedding gowns.. LOL.. i only have that dream gown in my mind, and our designer works on that.. hehehe. anyway,i always have you in my mind when it comes to miso i posted a photo of miso soup ingredients for you.. hoping you could find one there.. if you need help in wedding preps..give me a buzz..

ohh here`s our wedding blogsite..

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