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Thursday, March 4, 2010


I again had an attack yesterday of reading non-stop. Well, actually I stopped a while just to post here and visit a few friends, but that's it. It's like there was an invisible string attached to me and I was being pulled back to my room and grab this book of Sidney Sheldon "A Man To Call My Own".

A side of me have this ladies notion of Cowboys being superbly manly and romantic. Picturing them in my mind I see tight fitting jeans, boots and stetson hat. It may be a little old fashioned but it's like fairy tale, prince charming is possibly existing. And magnificent at all times because he have his eyes focused on you. And a different setting makes it exciting to the imagination. Sheldon have almost made me delete the boundary between reality and fantasy with his words. The story have circled around two striking beauties, twins and a desirable Cowboy bachelor.

Romantic, nerve wrecking action-filled book that is truly worthy of your day. Yeah, I finished it in one day! That good ;)

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my little world said...

I just LOVE a good book! Reading is my favorite. You might be interested in the new reading challenge, I just found this morning and am going to do. Swing over to my blog, I have a button to link you up to it.

Enjoy your book.


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