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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We ladies have the eyes of a hawk whenever there’s a man worthy of our attention. Is his hair curling already for the cut he is sporting, does his nails have dirt under them or maybe deserves a manicure, did he get all those whiskers off with his shaving,…and is he wearing the right outfit for the event you are in. This is when our being a mother hen to its chicks comes out. We have this urge to take care of him! We want to help him get dressed. There’s the so-called “keen eyes” to what’s right and what’s wrong to dressing up. We ladies almost always know better than men do. Not only to the latest craze or fashion, but where to get them, which is appropriate, which is of good quality and worthy of the value. Leave it to them and they end up getting a poor quality at such a high price.

Then the mother hen gives in to the “toys for the big boys”. Showering him with whatever possible; ranging from the very car or bike to its parts and accessories. In this case, we should know where to get them. Now it’s not so hard because you can find them in the comfort of your home. is a dream come true solution to us 24/7 wife and mother, catering to our every whim.

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