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Monday, March 1, 2010


Turn on your television and see catastrophe after catastrophe affecting millions of people in different countries. Calamities of different kinds disturbs normalcy of life. Storm in Europe, floods, tsunami alerts even here in Asia…but the most devastating is the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile that is most probably the focus of most at present.

Imagine lives lost and lives affected. The very term that’s been kept repeated by anchormen that pierces the heart is “desperation”. As if everything stopped for them, no electricity, no water, no food…no everything. There’s report of looting, but then what do you expect in such a chaotic world? It probably is expected to see people take whatever necessity they see since they have nothing left and is just out in the open for them to take.

Thus, let us be thankful that we are blessed enough to be sitting home, safe with our family. And we can share more than just our pity and empathy…

3 remarks:

theBluesman said...

i'm already feeling blessed & thankful, these things happen, just to test our faith a little bit

Heart said...

Tha is why I dont want to watch TV anymore. I kinda like internet because I select the news. Sometimes looking at the news is too depressing. But I hope that all victims of the earthquake in Chile will also get by and pass all the trials they encountered. May they all remain brave and has strong faith that things will be alright.

Let's just pray for them...

JENIE said...

@hans ~ very true, test of faith. thanks for your time friend.

@heart ~ what we all need most, prayers. thanks for the comment.

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