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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


March is a few weeks ahead, and every Presidential candidate is being sized up as to who fits to reside in Malacanang, Philippine’s White House. Critics bombard each of them with questions that can either make them lose or gain a vote. Every little scratch in their personality and previous endeavors are being laid down to the public. Some are good in covering up, and some just have no way of stopping one foul smelling deed they have done to another from being dug under.

I find politics dirty and sinful; probably because for the past 30+ years that I have lived, I hear and see evil revolving around it. Men and women alike topples one another to grab the power such position can give, riches most gain from corruption, lies they have to utter, so on and so forth.

And just as timely, I have just finished reading Sidney Sheldon’s Best Laid Plan. There he has revealed some realities that happen within a presidential campaign, election, and reign. There were story twists that spice up a story and keep you wanting more. Yet again, Sheldon did a remarkable job in pleasing readers and to crave for more stories of his.

4 remarks:

ASWANI said...

Thanks for dropping by..and many thanks for sharing this info about book by Shidney Sheldon.

survivor mom said...

I agree Jenie.. all of them have their own personal interest.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sinabi mo pa..kapag halalan muli nagbabatuhan ang mga kandidato ng kani kanilang baho..

JENIE said...

@ aswani ~ sheldon deserves the honor of being talked about ;)

@survivor mom ~ and it's sickening, them being so worldly!

@ arvin ~ what they will do just to go higher than others...

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