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Friday, January 1, 2010


I still cannot comprehend why this habit ever started. Nothing good comes out of it, not even tasting good…so whoever founded it (I have not researched yet who!?) is insane.

Do not get me wrong, for I have tried it. Never liked it, but I have to admit that I stayed on with it because my peers are having it as well. More like a habit whenever we are together, but since I do not really like the taste of it, do not do so when alone. Addictive they say…but maybe it’s all in the mind? I heard of withdrawal syndromes when you’re totally hooked for years…and when you need to stop because now you developed lung disease you just can’t right away. Stomach pains, head aches, cold sweats…is it really brought about by the nicotine leaving our system or a psychological effect? Well, why then that some cannot but some can? In a snap my dad decided to quit when I developed asthma when I was a kid. And that was after 30+ years of heavy smoking. He just stopped. No candies, or any motivational item. I am his motivation! My brother did too, but took him a few weeks to totally take it off. His motivation, health! He became a gym addict and health buff, and so decided to quit. But a friend cannot. She tried but said to be having those withdrawal symptoms. That though she got admitted for PTB (Pulmonary Tuberculosis), she went back to it after a few weeks.

Sigh! The problem with this habit is it does not only affect you, but others as well with the second hand smoke. It is alarming to see that smokers are getting younger in age. I used to see college students, then high school…now even elementary kids are doing so. No wonder the ozone layer is getting thinner by the minute, and the WHO (World Health Organization) having newly founded diseases faster than they develop cure for the old ones!

2 remarks:

Risma Hutabarat said...

I hate smoker also, Jen. Especially when my little daughter around..


Anonymous said...

I was a smoker for many many years, i liked it then but on one particular day after returning from visiting a friend in a hospital and upon exiting the hospital, i kicked the habit by just throwing my pack of cigarettes & lighter into the drain and just walked off...that was 15 years ago. And now i won't hesitate to let my friends know about my strong distaste for smoking. To all smokers, kick the habit NOW or you'll suffer when you grow older (including yr family too).

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