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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I still remember this movie that I have seen years ago with casts Michael Bien and Charlie Sheen, both famous actors in Hollywood, the Navy Seals. While watching it I fell in love with these two dashing men; and after I wanted to be a Navy Seal myself (Hahaha, funny but true). Well, that’s me; getting so hooked up with a story, may it be a movie or a book. I once wanted to be a Jedi upon seeing all episodes of Star Wars; an elf after Lord of the Ring; a top gun pilot, a mutant, an owner of transforming car, a princess…name it, I’ve been that. Every character I’ve seen, every place they have been, every century they lived. Why not, it’s free to dream!

It’s the respect I have of the character and what they portray. These Navy Seals for one are worth more than just a 24 gun salute, they deserve much, much more acknowledgement than when they are already 6 feet under. They need it now when they can still hear our praises and appreciation. And so this story about 3 Navy Seals being charged because “they were not killed” by a suspected terrorist while trying to prevent that very destructive opponent from putting into action what the world is trying to stop is truly disappointing. BUT the justice is not in our hands. Thus, the only thing we can do to help them is to give them comfort through words and donations. The Support Our Navy SEALs Tshirt are a meaningful way to let them know that we are on their side in shouting for justice.

3 remarks:

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ang navy seal ay si steven seagal ba ang starring.....para kasing napanood ko na ang pamagat na iyan..

ASWANI said...

Jennie, I have also watched this movie a long back, 5-7 years back. I too liked it. Yes, you are right - those shirts are really nice and meaningful. Hope you are well. have a nice week ahead :)

theBluesman said...

Well at least i now know that i'm not alone having such similar dreams. In fact i tend to go a bit further by dreaming all those beautiful co-stars as my girlfriends who'll accompany me for a few days in my daydreaming, Anna always reminded me of being a sentimental fool and i always replied that daydreaming is free and i don't consider that as a sin or morally wrong about it. BTW i saw & love that movie too. One thing about this navy seal guys, most if not all of them are considered as wolverine meaning they never say die and never gives up until they achieve what they set out to do. Did you watch GI Jane and the famous 'suck my dick' dialogue by none other than Demi Moore herself (i'm still in love with her too). Nice post Jen.

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