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Monday, January 4, 2010


I’ve always love to have a garden and not live in those condominiums that most stay on these days. I feel trapped inside with just windows to see the outside world. I want to be able to enjoy the morning breeze in my patio facing my boulders of flowers and gaze at the stars at night in my backyard garden. There will be a hammock at my right and a Metal Garden Shed on my left where I will keep little things that will be out in the sun when my little girl is up; like toy cars, train table or mini table and chairs, scooters, bikes, and so on.

I envision the garden to be in bloom in spring, with colorful flowers and differing shade of greening plants. I see trees as well and under it would be a lounge where one can stretch out and read a good book, like this new Dan Brown release that I am itching to get hold of. There will also be a grill to cater to a summer picnic or dinner gathering in the balmy night. I hate to see gas tasks peeking at me, unsightly, and so believe that it is best that they also be in a Metal Shed, a Gas Bottle Storage to be exact. Safety comes first before anything else! And these sturdy, weather proof steel panels are just the thing to keep me secure.

Oh…enough of the dreaming, and hopefully make it happen! After all, it’s a whole new year.

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Judy Harper said...

I know, isn't a garden beautiful, even just a few plants, even in planters? Hopefully I can now get back on schedule with the holidays over and I'm back home with my computer. I hope you have a great 2010! When I was at my daughters, I couldn't use my computer. She didn't have a wireless connection. So we shared one computer with the four of us, my daughter, granddaughter, grandson and me.

ASWANI said...

Hi Jennie, sorry for dropping by so late on your blog. just been busy with some work. Hope you are well. bty, nice post. Yes..I too would love to have a garden. best wishes to you for this new year. Added a link to this blog from my blogroll. Enjoy and Keep in touch :)

Duni said...

Hi Jenie!

we have a garden...but it's a lot of work! Not so in winter, when everything is covered by snow, but come spring and summer - oh boy, there is so much to do. Planting, weeding, raking leaves.
Now what I really need is a gardener!! hahaha!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice garden..

Anonymous said...

I like to dream too and in fact i dream a lot but not when i'm asleep, so it's daydreaming actually. Dreaming costs you nothing but it can take you to far away places. But then again once in a while we must make our dreams into reality and that's why dreaming in the early part of the year is very good as you'll have one year to work on making it into a reality. So shall we book our ticket now to witness your dream come true by the end of 2010. Make it happen!

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