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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am the type of person that plans ahead, wanting always to keep everything in perfect order; even in simple events, or even daily dealings. And it is a major dissappointment if it does not go as planned. But then, if the making up is better than my previous expectation...the error definitely will be forgotten (or like yesterday, was even glad the error happend!)

Our balik-bayan's (back-to-homeland releatives from Canada) missed the feel of being surrounded bu Philippine customs, food and the very semll of it. And so have suggested this one place where yuo have them all in just an hour away ride from where they are staying. I placed reservation 2-days prior just to be sure, but what happened was when we finally went over 2 hours ahead of the supposed reservation, the one who accepted the call had admitted of placing us in a good for 20 hut and not the confirmed good for 30. The place is fully booked it being a sunday, and it is irritating to have foreseen this and did something to avoid but the recklessness will spoil the day. Fortunately, they truly were apologetic and admits of the mistake but I insisted that 30 people are on the way and they better do something about it. And so they did! Abundantly! The supposed P3000.00 worth cottage became P20,000 worth (it is the only available option for them) at the same cost. The 30 people enjoyed the 100 pax accomodation, plus the 3 hours maximum time allottment became unlimited.

At the end of the day, we were glad that they had an error! Everyone enjoyed the native cottage in the middle of Manila Bay, the fresh breeze and wonderful native Philippine cuisine. Whew! I'm glad for their accomodating response to the error and their understanding of our situation.

Lesson here to share:
1. confirm and reconfirm twice, thrice if
2. deal with such in a firm but calm respectable
manner; you don't want your food altered to get back at you for being ill
mannered without you knowing it, won't you?

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