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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have to admit that whenever I buy a book (from a bookstore, book sale or garage sale) I look for books written by my favorite authors more so than the story appeal since I trust that it will come out well; but there are also times that they are not available thus pushes me to turn my attention to other authors and by chance purchase something that will suffice. Admittedly, there really are times that I can’t go home without a book tucked in my arms. And so, the wisest thing to do is to at least read the back cover and hope that it is well written.
I can then say that there are MANY good authors. It’s just that many are not given much of a chance by readers. Maybe they are not as publicized as the others, but they are actually good reads.

Gladly, I have given Candance Camp a chance with this one book I saw, A Stolen Heart. And I tell you it is well written. The story has been beautifully laid down before me; a story for romantic fools like me. Promise Me Tomorrow is a sequel, another part of the 3 children’s lives that have became separated from each other. I am sure to find the other, No Other Love, that will complete the whereabouts of each and as to how they will finally find each other.

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