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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If you have been following my posts from all four of my blogs, you will recognize the fact that I am amazed at how fast the technological advancements are. In the earlier years, I am not truly going with it yet. I got use to working manually, like manual calculation than the calculators, the typewriters than the computer, the snail mail than emails…but I got caught up with the world of computers as well, and found the advantages of doing so. What we can do manually for hours now can be done in a few minutes, even seconds. I have seen different kinds of robots just a few days ago in the television, and cannot get over the fact that we really are in the cyborg age.

Then when I got into the blogosphere and is learning to how to make money online, I almost could not comprehend with the computer world. The html’s, jpg’s,…in short the computer language. But then I am not the senile type to not learn as I go along. I have slowly learned, and my knowledge of computers increase each day as I read along one blog after another. Now there is this so-called RoutineBot that is a test automation software that helps yet again make the work a lot easier. This test automation tool is more like making use also of images than just mere texts or words, clicking them and expecting a reaction. Even the complex sounding gui test tool is popular because it gives more advantages to the ease of work like the capability of multiple windows to see what you are working at than to and fro a page, using either the mouse or keyboard like me preferring one after the other depending on the command, but most of all the not hard to understand visual interface.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice, four blogs..keep it up..

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