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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s the weather…all I can talk about is wedding planning and invitation, growing old,…and now wedding rings.

Let me give in to this desire to go to dream land, and have this happy thoughts even just for today! My prince charming is out there waiting for the right time, and I am here planning my wedding to that faceless prince. But I see him with firm nice bod in suit that makes him the handsomest man in attendance, waiting for me by the altar. And there I am walking in my flowing white, mersmerized and floating. And then there he is putting the Eternity we
dding band we chose together as he utters his vows. Now it’s my turn, I hold in my hand…uhm…a ring?!

I guess I have to go browse for men's wedding bands to complete my dream. All I know
is it’s as many as women’s and so much also to choose from. But I want his to be something like mine, titanium not gold. And I want it to look really magnificent in him and to stay there forever. So, it is but nice to have Tungsten rings warranty, because I don’t want him taking it off ever. Just to be secured that he will not seem “unattached” even for a minute.

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

am i reading the message clearly,
am i going to hear someone's going to say...and now you may kiss the bride...

Duni said...

There is something special about weddings :) I like looking at beautiful wedding gowns. Those rings are very pretty too!

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