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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The English language is the most common and greatly used means of communication worldwide; thus proficiency in it is an edge to be proud of. Not only will it matter in the business world, but also to creating bridge to friendship in other us here in the blogging world. Information are being passed on, messages exchanged and inner thoughts shared. You see them in sites, tweeted at twitter, or hear it broadcasted in the news. You see them in printed materials, magazines, brochures for gadgets, items for sale, things for use, and almost everything else. It is used by celebrities, world leaders, and people of different stature.

I am here by boasting that our county’s major population can speak the language and almost all can understand it. English is our second language, and it is within the schools curriculum.

There are so many plus points in my life in knowing the language, but the most important of all is the friendship that I gained through it. AND YOU ARE THE LIVING PROOF, because you are here reading an English–written blog.

2 remarks:

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Unfortunately, it's the only language I know. I wish I could speak another one. Spanish would really come in handy where I live.

Duni said...

So true.
I'm glad I grew up bilingual, and later also acquired French as a third language.

ps - your 'earthy me' blog is now on my blogroll :)

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