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Friday, December 18, 2009


One in the two types of personalities is again worrying as was supposed to be. The wife calmly says, “what is the fuss about?” And the husband with furrowed brows voiced his worry on his car claiming “what if I had the same accident as our neighbor who lost his car in a snap?” These things that caused much stress in both, even in the whole family…and why do so when you can relax and breathe even just with a Short Term Insurance?

These unexpected things really do happen. It did a few months ago to my friend who drives a Corolla that I really like. Then this typhoon Ondoy came, she was driving on the way home to Antipolo and suddenly got caught in the rising water. A few minutes after, she’s walking chest-deep flood and her car floating. Is it insured?

Just as in my recent post, news of burning houses are frequent, are those houses that they have worked for in years insured? Or are they TOTALLY going to lose everything they have lived for?

And almost everything we own now cost more than just a thousand. Even our very dear Cookie, our American Bulldog, is worthy to be insured. You never know what might happen to him, and unthinkable as I may seem, she will have to be replaced when the inevitable happen.

Insurance matters, right?

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