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Friday, December 18, 2009


It is the time of the year, aside from the heat in the summer, when there are increased incidence of fire in the country. It is actually the least favorable time being a few weeks to go to be thankful for another year that have passed...but then the people themselves are to blame.

We are being warned of these sub-standard Christmas lights and so stop buying them. Of course those manufacturing them are the heartless ones, but we also have to be in defense, after all we are the ones at risk of losing the house we have worked for to build. Moreso, of the safety of our family...and our neighbors. So either you stop using them or be concerned of losing thousands than just mere hundreds. Buy trustworthy branded ones! Those in-charge cannot see to the safety of the people, see to it yourself.

Same goes for the fireworks. News said that the last New Year Celebration had the least incidence of fire ever...maybe be can make this year "the least". Those fireworks may look nice, but can we not see them from afar and not from our homes? Plus we can also help save Mother Earth. She's actually right now combating problems from other pollutants, and adding fireworks may aggravate the "wound" in the Ozone. Most countries anyway can celebrate the New Year in other forms, why not do so as well to contribute to the saving of nature and be sure that there will be no fingers lost this year!

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