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Monday, December 21, 2009


As you walk around the malls, beside a school, offices, an establishment…you see different food business. From big restaurants to catering businesses to food carts, they seem to go on and on…because just as they say, food is a necessity and people will go looking for you. All you need is the right choice of item, market and strategies.

But what other thing that some forget is the continuity of the good quality of what you serve, that there is no change in taste due to the cleanliness of your fryers; that you are assured that your clients to partake your food are safe; and that you save cost in oil since now you have longer oil life. This is what filtafry does best, assure that you have hygienically clean fryers to reduce frying odors that stick to the whole of your restaurant walls, have lower frying cost, and gives you clean and sanitized fried food.

That’s not the end of what filtafry can be to you, because you can also franchise one to be the Fairy Godmother to food establishments that will definitely benefit from you. Fairy-on-the-wheel you will be, from single to multi van operation…remember, the more you have the bigger profit you get!

1 remarks:

Mommy Mayonnaise said...

Dirty fryer is a truly disaster, Jen. It can destroy the taste of food either. So this filtafry can help huh? :)

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