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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It is amazing how the internet have affected the lives of everyone. If the cellular phone craze spreads like wildfire from north to south, east to west of the globe the internet followed suit. This technological advancement have made our lives a thousand times easier, and it’s more than just a thumbs up to the founder, but a standing ovation with salute and honoring bow.

Imagine life without the internet...

You have to wait for weeks to have your message or greeting card reach another country, when now you can send it in a few clicks here and there. You are cramming up reviewing for an exam and remembered something you need for another subject’s homework, but you don’t have any reference to it so rush to the library yet to find out about it; now it just in your room, in your PC. You are a music lover and it is common that you collect and collect songs from today back to yester-years, what do you do…go to music torrents and see for yourself lists after lists including file size. In fact it’s not just for music lovers, it is a search engine that caters to bookworms, movie and TV addicts, computer freaks…or I may say, everyone?!

3 remarks:

Risma Hutabarat said...

I want to add another benefit from this internet, Jen. I love make friends. I want to meet foreign friends from every country is this globe. Can you imagine how impossible that might be? Thanks to internet, I can meet you and my other foreign friends. I love internet (lol)


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theBluesman said...

....and now i'm missing all those lovely letters written by my girlfriends, The internet has somehow changed the the people's fondness & ability about writing beautiful letters, those were the good old days....

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