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Sunday, November 1, 2009


“MIGRATE” the word of the decade…well, as far as Filipino’s are concerned. Because that’s just the most widespread activity talked about these years, where to migrate, how to migrate, when to migrate…!

BE REMINDED though that it’s not as easy as it seems. Most of the time, people see the positive things bounded with this immigration thing: the nicer place, the better government, the easier life. TOTAL CHANGE has its positive and negative attachments to it. There’s the significant fact of starting all over again! Starting building the life you had built in solid foundation in your roots AGAIN. There’s the giving up of close ties you have with people you almost grew up with; relatives, friends, connections, confidants, or even just those neighbors and people that passes you along with just a few words and smile. Believe that there will be stress to the adjustment, to the fight to survival and to feeling AT HOME in this new home, new world, new life.

BUT it’s just a matter of needing to endure and live on for that ultimate goal of having a better life for you and your family. If you can only climb back up the ladder as you did before, and believe that YOU CAN DO IT. That in every dusk, there is dawn. That soon enough you will emerge victorious of those trials.

Love and support will definitely push you up, urge you to go on...and complete faith to Him who hears you say please.

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