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Monday, November 16, 2009


Not my words, but those with the right to call these two boxers who finally had the most awaited fight of the year yesterday in the Grand Garden Arena, MANNY PACQUIAO and MIGUEL COTTO.

Trainer to numerous boxer Bob Aron commented that the title given to Paquiao by the Boxing Writters Association of being "the greatest boxer of the year" should actually be "THE GREATEST BOXER EVER LIVED!" He have once trained and handled known boxers like Muhammad ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard...and more, and yet have notseen any to have held 7 titles in 7 different divisions.

Manny Pacquiao admired by most, not just for boxing skill and stamina, but for his totality. Time Magazine sees him as the HOPE, an inspiration to people of all stature in whole of Asia. Forbes includes him in the 100 most popular and influential people in the world. Common people, known owe of the giant of a man.

Miguel Cotto definitely did not expect the beating he got from the Pacman, nor those three knock downs, the turning red of his white shorts with his oozing blood, and the game ending with the referee hugging him to stop the furth
er damage that the final blow after blow given him when he finally could not dance away, as was his method the last few rounds in eluding the mighty punches thrown him by Manny. As the commentator said, and I quote, "the boxer turned dancing star"...doing that back pedaling which obviously frustrated his opponent from following him instead of him engaging as should be.

A great fight actually, with two great fighters testing their skills and endurance. Both very good, but in the end the bests still won. "The best" still the better because in his last fights, her never cowered and ran away trying to just at least finish the fight standing still. "The best" until the very end looking fresh, and on the 12th round still
asking his opponent to engage by standing still with gloves in his face NOT MOVING, just waiting. That "the best" Manny Pacman Paquiao have yet again proven to all that he really is the greatest boxer who ever lived!

…but through it all, Pacquiao is all unique being the ONLY boxer who never forgets to say PLEASE AND THANK YOU, before and after a fight. An all true Filipino who is the pride of our country!

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jak said...

just know that PacMan is Filipino!! Congratulation!!! In Indonesia we have Cris John..that's great that we (South East Asia) have two world Champions in Boxing!!

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