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Sunday, November 15, 2009


With just the mere mention of gold, we hear bells ringing in our ears and our eyes, just like Donald Duck’s would, will scroll down with the dollar $ sign. As for me, I hear the 7 dwarfs of Disney’s Snow White sing “High ho! High ho! From home to work we go…” upon mention of this precious metal (or…is it gold they’re digging? In the forest? Maybe it’s diamond!). Well, maybe because both are precious in the eyes of man that I had them interchanged.

Gold is a term that can be used as the metal itself or of the value it gives a certain something like golden rule, golden heart or love as pure as gold, etc. giving them a greater value than if without the very word, gold. Most often though, we picture gold in the appearance of coins. Every country have or at least have once used gold as their money to use in exchange for commodity or service. Wealth or riches can be measured either with this gold, with jewelries using other gems or elements, or with land. Gold in its simplest form is wealth in itself.

This gold then, in connection to coins is a very popular term to the world of business. May it be an investment or a collection, this gold in the form of coins are truly sought after for as long as I can remember. The history of gold goes long, long way down to the ancient times. Now, coins vary in every country…and you can see them in Gold Coins Gain website that also offers FREE gold guide to get you started learning and knowing what this gold can mean to you and your life.

1 remarks:

aBIGwhale said...

to quote you on "we picture gold in the appearance of coins"

i picture GOLD BARS hahaha

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