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Saturday, November 28, 2009


You may be thinking “where did I hear that just recently?” Well, it’s either you have seen the movie Angels & Demons or you have read it. Yes, Dan Brown had wittingly used it in this action filled novel that had me reading over and over. I simply love this author…unfortunately he only have 5 books yet, though all VERY WELL written and have been more than just accepted by the major reading population. The very recent I have not yet purchased and is dying to have my hands on it real soon.

Going back, Dan Brown has mentioned this anti matter in his book and has introduced to me what really is anti matter. At first, I thought it’s all a figment of his imagination being in a fiction book…but it has been explained real well and have in fact included the CERN, which I believe to be the best to ask if with regards to this anti matter, them producing it everyday. (CERN is derived from the French ‘Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire’) They are up to present producing this anti-matter for the purpose of studying Laws of Nature. CERN explains “Anti matter ~ a mirror image of matter - is an idea so revolutionary that even its discoverer initially feared its consequences. It annihilates with ordinary matter, disappearing in a puff of energy - the ultimate scientific experiment”; the reason why this anti-matter is so hard to contain.

What’s more important is that it is already being used in PET scans and may be possible to be used for tumor irradiation in the near future and for “high-precision tools”. Whew, salute to these scientists of CERN!

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