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Saturday, October 3, 2009


My 4 year old will be turning 4 tomorrow and she got her very first gift yesterday, MP4! Which made me look back...
In my childhood days (well, that’s just a few centuries back,hehe)…we are all happy with street games. The peek-a-boo’s, speedy, you’re it,…so many of them to play around with friends. Even those Barbie dolls that I have, or my brother’s Tonka cars…it’s all so simple but fulfilling for kids like us nonetheless.

Then came the very first technology era of electronic games, Atari and the Game and Watch! I remember playing Galaga with my bro in this big table I can’t easily reach, then lo and behold…followed by having a portable one, Popeye which I share with my brother, and Mickey Mouse of cousin Abby and Parachutes of cousin Nats. We share and play one after the other. But a few years after came Nintendo that had to be connected to our television…thus forgoing watching sesame street and my granny’s afternoon soaps, just to see Mario Brother’s jumping up and down to face Cupa. At a fast pace, this gaming world surpassed everybody’s expectation. One after the other it came popping out of nowhere…the Gameboys, family computers,…until recently the PSP’s and MP5’s aside from our very own PC!

It really is amazing how unbelievably brainy people became. Geniuses! And I can’t begin to tell how thankful I am for all of them who made our childhood days (which actually is up to present, hahaha) so much fun!

Can you take guess of what to follow in the next generations? Me, I imagine life-size robots within our control. You?

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chubskulit said...

Hi Jennie, you're lucky to have toys hehehe.. I grew up with just toys that we could find in the street like bottle cap or juts be contented playing patintery.

Advance happy birthday to your princess.
I posted the prayer KuyaM. May God bless all you!

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Anonymous said...

yeah we must have been from the last century, i was in the same boat too. These days the kids have all sorts of toys & gadgets. Lucky them. But then today's kids are mostly indoors unlike in our old days ya. In the next century, money is the limit to acquiring anything, yes anything just by the press of the button.

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