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Monday, August 17, 2009


A week ago, I had my tooth refilled by a new found dentist. Maybe with too much chomping, I lost the old one (haha!) . But I’m not pleased with what she did and decided to have her put it to right.

My Orthodontist fled to America after removing my brackets (scared her, booo!) and so, I have to go look for a new one. This new one I found is just a few minutes away from home!!!

But then it seems that the farther the better in this case…because now I have a nick near the left end of my lip that stings when I eat or drink. Infact, even if I yawn it feels cracking up. Fortunately it’s just the floss that she stucked in my teeth breaking and snapping before using that drill-like thing dentists call “high-speed”. I thought she decided to do my lip and not the supposed tooth!!! With that, I decided not to have her touch any other tooth I plan for her to check…she might do my tongue this time! Will have to go look for another Ortho and hopefully a better one since I am planning to have a new retainers made for the one I broke (again, with too much chomping, hahaha!)

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ejay said...

hi.. I have added ur link.. Check out..Pls add me too.. thanks.. tc.. :)

Anonymous said...

have you been chomping some stones or something, Jenie

PropellerHeadMom said...

Ouch! I remember having braces and I remember it was always painful after a visit to the Ortho. Good luck finding another Ortho! I found you on the MBC Follow Me Club and wanted to stop by to follow and say hello!

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