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Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Philippines have once again celebrated the life of an individual. Not just a common individual, but for many, a hero. The last few days of remembering her sincerity, her strength, her goodness, and her love for the people have touched the hearts of the young and the old.

Known to be the “Mother of Democracy” not only in our country, but on all others as well, because the late president Corazon Aquino have been the reason that the Filipino people have been united to be freed from the dictatorial government that have enslaved the nation for so many years. She was the icon for effecting change without bloodshed or violence. That the “People Power” she led has been imitated by other countries for its success. Peace has once again reigned because of her.

It is unfortunate that it was her demise that would awaken the people to once again open their eyes to the situation the country is sliding back into. It is sad that her death that have been the reason to gather, as she had in 1983 EDSA Revolution, thousands of crowds in unity to pay respect to her and bid farewell. However depressing it is to think that prior to her passing, only a few have acknowledged her worth, it is uplifting to see that though almost too late…she was given honor. She was valued. She was appreciated. Yes, the Filipino’s are soft hearted by nature. But the Filipino’s are also perceptive of who rightly deserve being given the time, the tears, and the love they offer.

I wonder…who amongst left behind deserve such salute?

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2 remarks:

Vicki said...

Hi! I am following from BMC, this is a very colorful site! Love it!

Anonymous said...

i share in grief for the loss of such a fine human being, a loss to us all too. RIP Cory.

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