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Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm sure most people have seen the most awaited Ms. Universe beauty pageant...I did!

This morning I had a headache when I woke up for unknown reason. Still, I watched the live telecast via satellite though I was a little late and have turned on the television while the last 15 candidates were being announced.

I am completely in awe by the beauty of the Bahamas. In fact, I wish to have my honeymoon there, if I ever would. haha! But I find the pageant not too agreeable when it comes to the very climax of the event, the proclamation of the winner. It is as if the fast forward button has been pressed! If I could make it go slow-mo I would have just for the people to assimilate what is happening. They should have given this an allotted time for each and every candidate to digest the winning titles, and to even give a little suspense for the final two. But they did not. In a blink of an eye...the runner ups had been called. In another blink Ms. Venezuela had been thrown with the crown (looks unintentional, probably even the reigning Ms.Universe is in a hurry!)…I wonder why, I didn’t see a bull chasing them anyway!

Whatever…this is just a comment on my part and I mean no offense. Just maybe, this could help the next pageant to be a little more subtle for the candidates, especially the one to wear the crown, to savor.

2 remarks:

r u s s said...

I did get to watch it, but was not really interested. I just admired most of their arms -- I have a current fixation on arms because I'm trying to do spot reduction at the gym with my arms.

Anonymous said...

these Venezuelans must have many times ya, what are they eating BTW to make them so beautiful

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