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Friday, July 24, 2009


At 5 o’clock in the morning I was tossing and turning in my bed thinking about my future plans. Being a light sleeper, I may have been woken up by my sister preparing for work, I’m not really sure. Though I had a late night cap, I just can’t turn off my mind again. Thoughts of different nature kept going in and out, the recipes that I’m to include in the cycle menu I’m doing, the upcoming church activity I’m getting excited about that’s to take place this coming week, and even my friends that I’ve long lost touch with that I was able to talk to days ago.

One of which is Vicky, a colleague and a friend that now resides in Arizona. With her photos and stories of Arizona, I wished to move there right away. When earlier I said I was thinking about my future plan, that includes migrating. There are hundreds of things to consider before one leaves her origin and chose another to settle down. One of which is the temperature.

I’ve lived half of my life already, and the other half I’d like to enjoy the cooler temperature Vicky raves about. I can imagine myself enjoying the state’s nickname, Grand Canyon national park, in the dreamed temperature of 10 degrees below. I can now envision myself in my own fashion as I enjoy the chilly breeze. I love reading, and I’ve often read novels that have a setting of the Indian and the western lifestyle. It’s fun to be able to live it somehow by exploring mountains, canyons and even deserts. And I don’t have to do so in the scorching heat of summer because they have other seasons other than such. Unlike here in the Philippines, we just have the rainy season, and the summer (which now seems to be all the time!!!) They even have snow, but Vicky’s in bullhead city, and say’s she’s just an hour away from snow if you want to go sledging. Then if you want to enjoy the buzz of Vegas, it’s just an hour and half away.

Arizona seems the right place for me at the moment. I even have an idea already as to who can help me incase, the Arizona real estate. That fast huh?! Still, who knows who I’ll get to talk to today and convince me yet again that theirs is the better place to live my many, many…many dreams and fantasies?

Do you think you can convince me?

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2 remarks:

chris said...

well you should go when you get the chance :)

I've only been canoeing once, and it was pretty recent, but it was worth it. I'm sure u'll love it.

Anonymous said...

To migrate or not, this is a tough question to answer or to decide because it involves "uprooting" your present life. To decide on such tough cases like this, i usually list out the +ve & -ve factors and then weigh them out carefully and then decide rationally. But always keep a way out just in case you may wish to decide otherwise later on.

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