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Thursday, July 2, 2009


As much as people wanted to have privacy to their personal affairs, it is common knowledge that malice have been with us since the early times. And to this day, it is present and actually becomes more and more pronounced…we see them around us and we see them mostly in the television, because it is mostly affecting celebrity lives.

Most recently, a personal sex video of Philippine Movie Stars ended up in the wrong hands and made public. How degrading it can be when you know that your most kept act was seen by EVERYONE? Reputations are damaged, and persona affected.

With this I recall reading an article regarding Personal Injury Attorney.

They have it in California. And they especially deals with cases like the above mentioned. The article cited incidents of the same nature and has classified how to get the right personal injury attorney in differing cases. Torts were categorized for easier handling of the violation by the attorney. Torts “are acts of negligence or direct behavior that result in harm to another person”. The article was written well enough to have given me insights on how to find a good personal injury attorney and how things like such is handled if incase a friend or myself needed one.

It’s easy enough to find the professional to stand for a defendant, but aside from the cost it will incur, the stress that will come out of such ordeal is such a high price enough for the accused to be penalized. I personally pity the victim of such violations, but I pity the accused as well for the judgment that will be given him or her in this life to the next.

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