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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Anya and I went out for a stroll after a sumptuous dinner. Feeling full and bloated, I decided I needed a walk.

It’s a starless night, but after a rain-shower this afternoon, it’s nice and cool outside. Some neighbors were gathered at a nearby chapel, some just outside their homes with friends smoking together or just telling their own interesting bits. But what caught my attention most are the kids playing gaily.

As if it’s just yesterday that I was the one screaming my lungs out as I ran away from playing tag (our famous “habulan” or “palos”), or when I scrambled up from loosing balance from holding on to other chicks in front of me mother hen protects and turns away from the pecking hawk (another famous game “lawin-lawin”). Most days it’s “patintero”, "speedy", “agawan-base”(stealling bases) or “Tumbang preso” (will just post another about the differences of these Philippine Traditional Games next time, okay?!). I’ve been a part of almost all street games that seems to be seen less and less when technology demanded attention of next generation kids who now plays inside the house more and more, often in front of their computers and televisions.

I still believe that street games are more fun due to wider scope of interaction. It’s also apparent that with this time and age, there is greater percentage of childhood obesity possibly as a result of less outdoor activities and exercises. An advantage over it though is the less worry parents get from having their kids in the security of their homes away from the wickedness of the present times, and the higher intellectual development from internet surfing.

Oh well…time changes…and we just adapt to it.

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4 remarks:

aBIGwhale said...

wee i can now post :D

I remember playing...

1. patintero
2. cops and robbers
3. pepsi - 7up
4. marco polo freeze

I loved going to the park every afternoon.. me and my friends would run around wild until it was time to go home..

but now, kids play on the PC, or PS3 or wii.. and the like.. bihira na yung "habulan"..

The Redhead Riter said...

Children need to play outside and stop watching TV

Just my opinion

☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

Paulette said...

i believe in the same thing too.. street games are always so enjoyable and it gave us the chance to socialize and exercise..

Anonymous said...

Times really have changed, we hardly see children playing these traditional games anymore. What has happened to us all, we are always chasing something these days ya.

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