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Sunday, July 26, 2009

my “SELDOMs” here now…

I can say that I am right now a person who adjusts to almost anything that happens in my day to day life. I honestly am not the complaining type, and does what is expected of me as a daughter, as a sister, as a mom, as an employer, as a friend, as a believer…as an individual. In fact I try to exceed that expectation because it makes me happy to fulfill my obligations and to extend help to whoever is in need of it even without them asking. I am the cheerful type of person…and I am someone who doesn’t feel stressed with life’s struggles.

Yes there are hope and dreams. There are wishes as well…after all, I’m only human. But it’s seldom that I feel depressed for some of those hopes or dreams or wishes that doesn’t come true.

But today is one of those “seldoms”…today I am feeling down and low because there is this one VERY SIMPLE wish that has been granted, only, it was taken away before I get the chance to get hold of it. Its sad how things happen and you have no way of controlling it. That at this very moment I have nothing, absolutely nothing, for me to be able to make that wish come true that I can very well make happen if only….

And to think that this very simple wish is not even so worldly, nor is it for me…=(

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Anonymous said...

just take it easy, close your eyes for a while longer and rest your wandering mind....and don't forget the coffee aroma beside you....and soon you'll be okay

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