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Sunday, July 12, 2009

DIRTY ICE CREAM (“Sorbetes”)

“Mamang sorbetero tayo’y sumayaw…” This traditional Celeste Legaspi song always comes to mind at the mention of D.I. (Dirty Icecream).

If you’re not from my country, you’re probably saying now…what a dissuading name for one of the kids’ most awaited treat. Am I right? And I almost can see you wrinkling your nose…but I tell you, it’s NOT what the name implies.

It’s siesta time (an unholy hour after lunch), and I reminisced my childhood days when my ears perked at a familiar tinkling sound of the Sorbetero’s bell. I honestly have not searched the origin of this discouraging term to a street food very much common in the Philippine streets most rampant in the 80’s. Home-made ice creams with the basic of flavors: chocolate, ube(purple yum) and queso (cheese), scooped in the original cones and at a higher price to sweet cones. It even became a craze to have it squashed inside a hamburger bun (I never did try that though, hehe.)
I don’t believe it to be dirty, but it’s not the usual ice creams from the groceries that are sold by the gallons, pints, cup or individually wrapped ones. But presumably, it was labeled as such because it is a street food, and sold by vendors in rolling tins and is scooped individually as each child demands for one. Touche’!

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2 remarks:

Russ said...

Cheese & Mango are my favorite flavors. This is the only time that I eat mango-flavored ice cream. Somehow, it tastes better if you get it from the Mamang Sorbetero.

Paulette said...

i loooove dirty ice cream! there are times that dirty ice creams are salty because of the salt that falls on the ice cream hehehe.. i love the chocolate, mango, cheese and ube flavor. :D

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