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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Need to post this in my 3 blogs...i wanna make sure all of you, my blogger friends, come across this, it's for you:

I love people…and I especially love those who are selflessly giving a part of them. That’s why this blogging really works out for me. It makes me happy to know a lot of people, and know them and who they really are through their thoughts.

This morning, 2 new friends made me smile being the firsts in my two blogs to leave me a comment…as I posted below.

Thanks to all of YOU who makes me appreciate life even more with your presence even just here in our common site; and thanks to all of YOU who encourages me to positively think that how ever bad the world is turning out to be, there are still a great many numbers of like you who are amongst the good!

Our blogs differ still. There’s the difference in way of sharing and the difference in way of helping. Right now, I have one that is recently in mind on how he, Ferdi, contributes to newbies like me. I am actually just been trying to decipher what PR means, and there he is…discussing it in his blog! He posted detailed information that made me understand how the links helps in our PR…really helpful! But the thing is…he’s sharing!=) Go check out his blog too!

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