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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Women by nature, loves to nurture and pamper. It is as if we were made to be someone to turn to if comfort is needed. It seems to be so easy for us to do the household chores, take care of the kids, do the errands… than the other sex. Simply because we were made to do these things!

Imagine the chaos it will cause if we’ll all be like men! Everything will be done in the most practical of ways all the time, more of the finishing the deed and not putting the heart to it. Just be done with it! Enter a house without a touch of woman in it, and see living. With women, see life. There will be musical laughter in a woman’s lounge, but murmured discussion in a man’s lounge.

The heart and the soul needs love to survive. Though both of the sexes are capable of loving, it’s the woman who is more vocal about the need for it, and the reason men was able to release the need to share it. Women are more gifted in dealing with emotions. They may be deemed soft because of the tears they easily shed, but this don’t measure their strength or lack of it…this are mere outlet to the feeling, and after each bout of these tears they go on. Even in a married couple, compare a widowed man and a widowed woman…who carries on better? A lady can better handle the grief than a gentleman! Most men follows soon after, but the women lives a few more years.

We are soft, comforting and loving…but we are strong! That’s why they depend on us. They need us! =)

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