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Friday, May 1, 2009


Native dinner atop the waves of Manila Bay, we shared fish head of Tanigue Sinigang (a one dish soup-based meal of salmon family fish and vegetables boiled in tamarind) sizzling sisig (a hot spicy dish of grilled then sauteed pork head with liver and chili pepper), laing (a hot vegetable dish using gabi leaves in coconut cream), crispy pata (authentic Filipino dish of deep fried until crispy and golden brown pork leg), pandan smelling rice in palayok and a pitcher of iced tea.
Camera forgotten with a sniff of these mouth-watering, superb array of food!

Fishing Village caters to those who loves to go fishing, and they cook and serves the catch as per request. Though, they also have selections of native Filipino cuisine, may it be chicken, meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.

Huts made of bamboos and palm leaves whispering with the breeze encased us as we partook our meals in rattan underplate with banana leaves over it. What a refreshing change from home-cooked meals.

It is a relaxing day. The whole fam all content to just enjoy each others company, the sunset, the soft fishy smell of the water, the distant voices from the other huts and the soft singing of a wandering trio carrying their instruments: the bass and solo guitar and tambourine. Each one capturing the moment with her own camera,… posing, clicking. A memory for keeps of a refreshing change!

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