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Friday, May 15, 2009


It isn’t everyday that I get one…and it’s a nice feeling when you do so without any occasion. No matter who it’s from=)

Fresh flowers need special attention and care…that I know! I remember receiving loads of them during my younger days…and how it felt especially when there is no special occasion for it to be given. No matter who gives it, it always adds up a little height to my not so tall one (actually, I’m below being tall, hehe!)
Each time I get one, I wait for sundown before cutting the stems at an angle. I was told to do this during Sundown or Sunbreak, and that I should use a sharp knife than a scissor. I bought myself vases of different size and shape then. Some for a single bud, and some for dozens or halves. I don’t like the idea of choking them into a small container; I notice them staying fresh longer if they can breathe. I have the vase washed before arranging the flowers, and add a little charcoal or salt into the water. It’s said to minimize bacterial growth which causes the flower to wither fast. Some advised ammonia but I don’t really like smelling my flowers with a touch of urine-smell in it.
I cut the stems everyday as I change the water. It’s not just for the flowers, it’s also in avoidance of Dengue-carrier mosquito’s from reproducing in my house.
Once I wasn’t able to immediately give the right attention to bouquets given to me on my debut, and the following day, I found my grandma “steaming” them. She placed it in a container with hot, not boiling, water for a few minutes…after which she transferred them all to a cool dark place (my room then!). An hour after…it’s revived!

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