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Friday, May 29, 2009


I was watching the local evening news earlier, but was not able to stay and finish it. I find it way too disappointing to see what is happening to the morals of the people. The media included!

I can’t help but wonder if it’s the same in every country. Broadcasting evilness more than what is good in this world. Why would one let people see the downfall of another? Or to reveal something that degrades, tarnish, or destroy other people?

What’s more disheartening here is that most people buy it! It’s even like they crave for it. And in doing so, we make it known to these broadcasters that they only need to satisfy that craving and they will get the fame and fortune they are yearning for. At the expense of whoever or whatever that comes in-between.

And I know how heartbreaking for the rape victims to hear the dreaded incident over and over again all over the news; or how depressing for the children to know that others also can see that their father was caught on tape with another woman; or how miserable a mother can feel when she’s being pitied by everyone who saw that her child was maltreated by her very own lunatic husband.

Are these worth watching? Why…for us to condemn others and proclaim ourselves to be a better man? It makes me unhappy to witness such crimes laid down for everyone to feast on. There are so many things happening in this world…and light is preferrable than the darkness, so why not let it shine?! And will it not give ideas to those yet on the brink of doing those evil deeds? Or probably set as a bad example to others, even the children?
Then again...maybe these things also have their benefits. For one, it helps us to be aware of what's happening around us, and on how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones to be the very victim of those crimes. It always is better to go on "prevention than cure"! That, if those people hurt those closest to them , how can they not to those that is not? Maybe these news will remind us to ensure home security, or self-defense.
Anyways, we just have to accept that everything have their advantages and disadvantages. Balance of Nature. We just have to act on them the right way.

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