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Thursday, May 7, 2009


When I first visited the Neuro-Psychiatric Ward in Makati Medical Center, as per request by one patient’s attending physician to assess and modify his patient’s diet, I remember appreciating the color scheme used in their rooms. They were mostly blue, but in some areas, they were pink. I simply thought them to be colors for male and female distinctions. But now I learned that there is the so-called “color effects on the brain”.

Light pink (or passive pink, a hospital term) says to have calming effect in mental patients. In a study made at the University of Texas, they tested subjects’ hand-grip as a colored light was flashed on them, and their grip tightens a few percent higher when the red light was flashed indicating that red excites the brain. In a hospital study on the other hand reveals that there is a relation to calming patient’s tremors which lessen when exposed to blue light.

I’ve always thought that green is the most calming, color of nature. Now I remember that it’s just the coolest to the eye and doesn’t necessarily mean cools the head as well. That may be the reason why I don’t steam down when I go look at the trees when pissed-off, haha!

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